The Best Patch Cables For Guitar Pedals – Why You Should Never Use Couplers

Today I’d like to address a topic regarding the use of the best patch cables for pedals. But also, what I’d really like to address is actually how you should never use pedal couplers for your pedals.

If you don’t know what pedal couplers are  or what I’m talking about, I’ll explain everything about guitar pedal cables and what not to do/use.

Pedal Patch Cables?

guitar patch cable

Guitar pedals were a late entry into guitar for me. I was always a plug straight into the amp kind of guy. But like everyone nowadays, I entered the pedal craze and haven’t looked back since.

Unless you are only using one guitar pedal, everyone knows that you have to make use of patch cables in order to hook your pedals up in a chain. Instead of using very long cables, these short ones were designed for this specific reason.

The problem is that the patch cables are still kind of bulky and they look terrible on the eye on a pedalboard. They also don’t really let you place your pedals as close together as possible. So, space wasting is a result of patch cables.


I was introduced to Pedal Couplers to solve this

Pedal Couplers?

guitar pedal coupler

Pedal couplers are conjoined patch cables eliminating as much unnecessary space as possible. This lets you place your pedals closer to one another which is something that most regular patch cables can’t allow you to do.

In theory, the pedal couplers are the perfect solution to these problems and the perfect replacement for pedal patch cables.. But It was only today that I was taught how bad pedal couplers are for your guitar pedals.

First let me explain what couplers were actually designed for…

Like guitar patch cables, the couplers are used to link your pedals in a chain. But, the couplers were designed to be used when you have all of the same pedals. This is obviously unrealistic as very few guitar players will use the same pedals.

Why Pedal Patch Cables are Better Than Couplers

Guitar patch cables are much safer the couplers. This is because the couplers will absolutely destroy your pedals if they’re not the same model of pedal. The patch cables allow your pedals to be moved around whilst still staying connected. But the couplers essentially join the two pedals together and then put strain on their input and output sockets.

Also, the couplers when used with different brand guitar pedals won’t make your pedals level. And you’ll find inconsistencies whereby some pedals are raised off above the ground. Which won’t only damage your pedals but will make them almost impossible to stomp on which completely defeats the whole purpose.

This is where the regular/classic pedal patch cables come into play. Despite the things that bothered me about them in the past are now things I’ve come to appreciate about the patch cables for pedals.

I’ll never go back to using the pedal couplers again and I urge anyone using these couplers to stop immediately and return to using the old patch cables we’re all familiar with.

You Can Get Space Saving Patch Cables For Pedals

After discovering the cons of the pedal couplers, I decided to go on the hunt for patch cables for my pedal board that would save me some space. I was very happy to learn that these patch cables exist for your pedals and I pretty much recommend only these types of cables for guitar pedals. I get mine at

The Video That Sparked The Patch Cable Frenzy

How exactly did I come to this pedal patch cable discovery? I was on YouTube as I a every night and a video popped up in my recommendations feed. It was this video which I have actually added. The guy in this video was the one who turned me off the pedal couplers completely. After watching his demonstrations on how the pedal couplers damage your pedals, I was done. He also goes on to demonstrate how the regular guitar patch cables work much better for your rig set up.

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