The Advantages Of Ear Training | Separate Yourself From The Rest With Relative Pitch

If you are looking to distinguish yourself from the rest of the musicians in your city then I highly recommend ear training software to learn absolute and relative pitch. What is ear training and absolute/relative pitch you might ask? I’ll cover all you need to know about this incredible nugget of wisdom that literally can get you gigs with any band in your area. Training your ears to learn absolute and relative pitch is something that I recommend to already established musicians. As you might know, a lot of advice I give on this website is for beginner musicians and bands starting out. However, this piece of “advise” is one that I recommend for already established musicians looking to improve a step further and hopefully join more bands, get more gigs and ultimately make more money and a steady career out of music.

An Introduction to Training Your Ears

The process of training one’s ears is one that ultimately leads a musicians to being able to recognize both pitch as well as exact notes. This is something that a select few musicians are born with naturally. However, something that the majority of musicians in this world don’t realize is that these skills can easily be learnt with a bit of perseverance, dedication as well as some good old practice.

How Will This Set Me Apart From The Rest?

Like I said already, the skill of having trained ears is something that only a few have either through natural gift or through practice. Having this skill as a musician is one that can provide you with many different advantages in many different situations. Having this ability will quickly make you one of the most desired musicians to work with in town.

Identify Notes With Your Ear

So you know that training you ears lets can help you quickly identify notes right? So how will this benefit you? In a band situation you’ll very often find yourself in a situation where you have to improvise or write a specific part. Instead of asking the other band members the key of the song or figuring it out note by note, you can instead instantly know where to start playing on your instrument simply by hearing what is going on.

Identifying Notes vs Keys

The biggest thing that people struggle with when training their ears is identifying notes also know are absolute pitch. This takes much more practice and dedication to achieve. Whilst relative pitch allows you to identify the key of progressions or notes which is still something that is extremely advantageous but is something that is more achievable in comparison to absolute pitch.

Writing Music Becomes A Breeze

When you’re in a band setting you’ll also be faced with writing music. Instead of putting yourself through years of music theory thinking it will help you write music better I advise you to invest your time in training your ears instead. The best way to describe it is that by training your ears, you’re essentially teaching them how to listen and thus how to write better in a way that only your ears and brain can understand.

Train Your Ears, Join More Bands

The art of training your ears will impress other musicians you play with so much that word will get out of how much of a great player and musician you are. Many musicians I know are not as skilled as the virtuoso’s out there. However, they have the ability to identify relative and absolute pitch and thus, become better musicians as a result. Your reputation will skyrocket as I genuinely believe that ear training is the best thing an already established musician can learn.

How Training My Ears Changed My Career

I was always a musicians after college however it was never a full time thing for me and was always a hobby. But it was something I knew I wanted to pursue as a full time career. I knew this would not be easy but I persisted anyway. I dedicated all of my time to my instrument and my grades suffered. I found myself in many different bands throughout that time and could not understand why I was not progressing as a musicians. It was then that a fellow band mate of mine introduced me to training my ears. You see, I am a jazz improvisation musicians and I rely on improvisation as my craft. Learning how to train my ears enables me improve my improvisation skills to the point where It allowed me to become a full time musician. Something which I still do to this day.

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