How To Promote Your Band Today

Promoting your band is perhaps the hardest part of being in one and when you think about it, is probably the most important too. You can write the next hit of the year but if no one is aware of your bands existence then the music won’t reach anyone. With the internet, the ways in which bands promote themselves has become easier but this has also brought about more competition. Follow my steps below which you can take today to promote your band.

Find A Band Name

The first thing you need to do is think of a name for your new band, you need something original, which can be a lot harder than it sounds.  So many great names are already taken and as you think of names, just do a web search to see if you can find a band that already has that name.  There are also a few websites out there that contain random band names generators that may be worth a look if you really get stuck. Ideally you’ll come up with an original name that will also give your prospective audience a clue as to the kind of music you will be playing.

Setup Online Profiles/Platforms

You will need a website, everyone has a website these days, there are free ones like WordPress and Squarespace, for a more professional approach you might consider creating your own band website if you have the know-how. Besides for having a website, you’ll need social media profiles and promote your content through these platforms. Examples of these include Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Music, Photo & Video Content

You will also need a demo of your music, photographs and videos.  To get these done professionally can be pretty expensive and stressful. One of my biggest pieces of advice is don’t go into debt to pay for expensive studios. Whilst this can be expensive, there are certainly people who offer fantastic home studio rates that are much more affordable than traditional studios. Also, nowadays, music is produced on laptops and can be done professionally from almost anywehre so getting this content together doesn’t have to be too expensive for you and your band.

Pro Tip! A pro tip of mine to get free recordings and demo’s for your music is to approach sound engineering students,. There are a plethora of them out there and they almost always have a practical project which requires them to record a real band in studio. This is often free and a great way to take advtange of  getting some free content for yourself.

The same applies for photography. You’ll definitely need professional photos of your band which will be used as content for your online platforms. These professional photographs can get expensive. But, approach photography students and offer them your band for photos so they can use it for their portfolio.

Video seems to be one of the key factors in success these days, as with photography, check out the colleges and contact media students who may be more than happy to produce you a cheapish video that they can then use in their own portfolios.

I’d much rather pay an up and coming photographer, graphic designer or film maker (who is trying to make a name) than pay outlandish prices to the top professionals for this kind of work.

If you really can’t afford the cost of a studio demo, there are some great digital portable studios available on the market these days.  If you do go for one of these make sure you read the manual and get to know how to use it properly.  The main problem in demoing in this way will be your lack of recording knowledge and how long it might take to actually get a demo that is half decent.  On the flip side you can take as long as you like to make your recordings and all it will cost you is your time.  If you need a quick professional sounding demo then the recording studio may be your only answer.

Business Cards & Band Logo

You will also need Business cards, these can be really cheap to produce especially on the internet (I use Vistaprint these days) in the past I had gone to high street printers and got totally ripped off.  Hand out your business cards at gigs if anyone shows an interest and take a good supply with you if you get to play any showcases.

You may want a logo designed, if someone close to the band is a decent artist you could give them the job of designing one or seek out an art student that may be able to assist, for a small fee.



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