The Best Patch Cables For Guitar Pedals – Why You Should Never Use Couplers

Today I’d like to address a topic regarding the use of the best patch cables for pedals. But also, what I’d really like to address is actually how you should never use pedal couplers for your pedals. If you don’t know what pedal couplers are  or what I’m talking about, I’ll explain everything about guitar

Tips For Your First Gig

I wrote an article recently about how to prepare for gigs. I thought I’d take this one step further and outline what goes down at a gig and some tips you can follow. I learnt the good old fashioned hard way when it comes to playing bad gigs and in my experience, the cause of

How To Find Gigs For Your Band

Ill provide you with a great list of tips in which  you can use and implement to find gigs for your band. If this post is one step ahead of you, try checking out my post on how to join a band. Tip # 1 : Compile A List Of Venues Compile a list of

Is The “Headliner” Slot Really The Best For A Club Gig?

I’ve always been a firm believer that the headliner slot at a club or pub gig is definitely the worst.   I think the worst spot on the bill is the “headliner”. As you are on the bill with say two other acts, you would think that, ‘okay, I won’t get paid much but we

How To Promote Your Band Today

Promoting your band is perhaps the hardest part of being in one and when you think about it, is probably the most important too. You can write the next hit of the year but if no one is aware of your bands existence then the music won’t reach anyone. With the internet, the ways in

How To Prepare For Gigs | Band Advice

Rehearsal is where the magic is created and perfected. If you are just going to be playing with a bunch of friends you’ll need to agree on the songs you are going to play, if it’s covers (covers are always a great place to start). If you are just starting out pick say 4 or

The Advantages Of Ear Training | Separate Yourself From The Rest With Relative Pitch

If you are looking to distinguish yourself from the rest of the musicians in your city then I highly recommend ear training software to learn absolute and relative pitch. What is ear training and absolute/relative pitch you might ask? I’ll cover all you need to know about this incredible nugget of wisdom that literally can

How To Join A Band For The Beginner

You are at a point now where you’re confident enough in your instrument and you ‘re looking to take the next step in your musical journey. That next step is joining a band. Naturally, with this endeavor, there will be a ton of questions that you will have like, how do I even find a

Bass Pedals: The History Of The Bass pedal

If you are a massive follower and fan of progressive rock music, taking into account bands (especially from the 1980’s) such as Rush, Yes & Genesis then you have possibly seen and definitely heard the bass being used in action. The bass pedal should not be confused with bass guitar pedals. However the only similarity

Album Reviews: Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino – Arctic Monkeys

My journey with the Arctic Monkeys is one that has come a long way. In order to best review their latest album which is also their sixth album (crazy to think seeing as though their first one came out which feels like yesterday) I must first explain this journey as it will help bring context