About Me

Heya! It’s Sweet Papa Dave Here! NOT to be confused with the legendary Sweet Papa Dave Band who happen to be great by the way.

No, this is a website where I, Sweet Papa Dave do band, album,  and musical instrument gear reviews for the benefit of my followers who requested that I should in part my vast musical knowledge (and opinion of course) to the rest of the world for both entertainment as well as education purposes.

I am in no way affiliated to anyone and I will not try and sell/promote any products to anyone nor will I receive any commission for these reviews. I compose these band and instrument gear reviews solely as a pastime as well as to entertain anyone who might by some small miracle find what I write about interesting at all.

Why should you trust my reviews? The truth is that you don’t have to take what I say as word for anything! This is because I only give you my most honest opinion of the item, band or album in which I’, reviewing. Like I said, I’m not doing this for money so I’m not sweet talking any specific items to get free tickets or commission etc. This is a passion project and I do it for myself and those that take the time to read what I have to say.

I have recently been getting into giving advice to bands and musicians across all different levels. Instead of doing this in person, I also decided to create a platform of advice for bands which I will keep updated as regularly as possible for all my muso followers.

The Reviews I talk about on this blog can be split into the following categories: